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Artist Statement

I create art that engages all of the senses, inviting the viewer to look deeply and experience a sense of discovery. Working in layers, I create work that is evocative of an unconscious language, like a sensual memory. Movement, synergy and spirit are infused into my work reflecting my passion for the body, soul connection. I play with elements of asymmetry, randomness, organic spontaneity and natural flow.

Blending a range of materials, I coax wearable art, vessels, sculptural objects and fiber mixed media into being using knitting, dying, felting, weaving, spinning, basketry, quilting, paper making, and surface design techniques. Fiber, in it’s many forms, offers me a range of materials and techniques that allows me to explore current issues, contemporary themes, and timeless concepts with near boundless creativity.

Much of my work centers around personal growth, individual expression and empowerment. I feel a strong connection with the divine creative energy and an ongoing commitment to develop my creative powers to their fullest.