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Imagine a collaborative weaving representing women’s lives from around the world, acting as a catalyst for global change, compassion and peace. We’d like 1,000 women to contribute their stories. Your voice matters. 

The Project


 Writing out your reflections allows you to process experiences that you found challenging, bringing a new understanding to the role that they played in your life. You also get to celebrate and revisit your joy, love, excitement and personal growth. 


 There is something so elemental about weaving a piece of cloth. It’s archetypal. It connects us with our ancestors and with many different cultures around the world. It reminds us of our human resourcefulness and resilience. It connects our hearts with our hands. 


 When we share our life experiences, the lessons we have learned, our success and messes, our brilliance and our shadows, we open up a gateway to personal growth and invite a deeper connection with our feminine family. There’s power in that connection that can fuel amazing transformations for us as individuals and for the communities we are a part of. 

Art Activism

 I had been thinking about how I could add a specific embellishment that would represent the issue of sexual abuse and domestic violence in women’s lives. I knew that I wanted to create art that would honor women’s strengths and call attention to what they were experiencing. 

The Red Fringe

 I am adding a red fringe to 3 out of every 4 strips in the tapestry to create a visual talking point about sexual abuse. The individual cloths are all anonymous and the fringe is added randomly. It is my hope that the viewer will take in the beauty of the individual woven story cloths united into one tapestry and also see that the fringe creates a strong visual story itself. 

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